John Frieda ® Hair Care X Style Native

         I'm excited to share with you guys my experience using the new John Frieda ® Precision Foam Colour! I already love a lot of the John Frieda ® Hair Care products and was stoked to see that they also offer at-home hair color. My hair was in desperate need of a touch up and this was quick, easy, and cost effective! Three things that we all love. Below I have before and after photos, check it out!! 







I used shade 9NP to color the bottom half of my hair, which resulted in both brightening up my hair and adding depth + dimension. The foam consistency of the color made it super easy to put the color exactly where I wanted it, and the kit comes with everything you need including gloves, a John Frieda ® Hair Care conditioner, and a 'Vibrancy Locking Sealant' treatment to help your color last. 

They have 21 shades to choose from and you can find it at any Wal-Mart store or online HERE

Thanks to John Frieda ® Hair Care for sponsoring this post!