Cape Winelands Riding // South Africa

There is a lot to love about South Africa, and there are many, MANY beautiful places to explore… but my favorite so far has been the three day adventure I had at Cape Winelands Riding. If you really want to experience the wine country just outside of Cape Town in a special way, I highly suggest doing it on horseback. I spent three days in the saddle here, and each day provided a unique trial ride with stunning views and more wine tastings and great food than I knew I could consume!


You have a few different options for staying overnight at Cape Winelands Riding, and for the first night we chose to stay on the farm property so we could wake up and walk straight out to see the horses! We started our rides around 9:30 in the mornings and rode for a few hours across some of the most stunning landscapes i’ve ever seen. Around lunchtime each day, you stop at a beautiful winery where the horses get a nice rest and you get to enjoy an incredible lunch and wine tasting.


The first day we had lunch at Plaisir de Merle Wine Estate. It’s in an insanely peaceful setting, where we enjoyed a wine tasting and a light lunch. The best part is they have a pasture full of lush green grass for the horses to enjoy! I loved seeing that the horses get untacked and turned out while we enjoyed our lunch so they could have a well deserved break of their own! After lunch, the horses are ready for the second half of the day and you mount up and ride about another two-three hours until you end up back at the Cape Winelands farm just in time to head out and enjoy dinner in the close by town of Paarl. By the way — I had one of the best meals of my life at ‘Noop' restaurant on our first night! It is an absolute MUST!


I know a lot of people really like the idea of a horse back riding trip but may not be that experienced of a rider — but let me tell you that Cape Winelands Riding has some fantastic horses, and they are really great at pairing you with the right partner for your ride. My boyfriend had only been on a horse once before, and he fell in love with his horse Sky and had the time of his life! The guides are excellent at taking care of their riders and making sure everyone is comfortable for the entire ride. This trip would actually be a really great way to expand your horse skills and learn a lot while enjoying such an incredible adventure!

Since I have quite a bit of riding experience, I was paired with a spunky Appaloosa named Amado, and I just fell in love with him! We had some thrilling gallops through the fields as well as some leisurely walks through the vineyards. Both Ry and I were so obsessed with our horses it was hard to leave them at the end of our stay!

For lunch on our second day we stopped at Anura Vineyards, which is at the bottom of the hill in this photos. Another amazing meal and wine tasting was had while the horses frolicked in the field outside. PRO TIP: order the Butternut & Feta Cheese pizza… you will not be disappointed!

The ride down to this farm was one of the most beautiful views of the day!


On our third and last day, I gave my horse Amado a well deserved rest and had the pleasure of riding this handsome boy Charleston! Our lunch stop this day was my favorite -- Backsberg Estate Cellars. The food was phenominal (I had the butternut squash soup and it was to die for!) and we loved the wine in our tasting so much that we ended up leaving with 6 bottles before we headed home! The farm is stunning and if it weren’t for a horse waiting for me I could’ve lounged here all day in the beautiful gardens outside.

So I mentioned there are a few options for accommodations during your stay, and the last two nights we stayed at the luxury boutique hotel just down the street from the farm — Angala Boutique Hotel.

I have been so blessed to stay in some pretty amazing places in my life, but this one might have been the most incredible. This hotel is located in the middle of the Simonberg mountains in the heart of wine country and it is BEYOND stunning. The staff was insanely kind and so amazing, the amenities were 10/10 (how stunning is this eco-pool?!) and the food was 12/10. This place is so serene you feel like you’re living in a dreamland. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adored staying at this place. Ry and I had the time of our lives!!


If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure outside of Cape Town, South Africa book your stay with Cape Winelands Riding. You will see some of the beautiful landscapes that the Western Cape has to offer and make memories that will last you a lifetime. There is no better way to experience nature than on the back of a horse. It will truly fill your soul with so much goodness you won’t be able to leave without feeling changed! If you do visit Cape Winelands Riding, please say hello to Amado and Charleston for me! Both horses hold a special place in my heart now that i’ll never forget!

Infusion Beach Club X Coachella


For Coachella this year I stayed at the brand new Infusion Beach Club in Palm Springs!

The lobby makes the most adorable first impression, and it’s as Instagrammable as it gets… very important stuff!

The location is also unbeatable — it’s within walking distance to many other Palm Springs hot spots, including the Arrive Hotel, Cartel Coffee Lab, and Sandfish Sushi.

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swim suit by White Fox Boutique

The newly renovated pool is Palm Springs perfection - set right against the iconic mountain landscape, you’ve got a poolside bar and several cabanas to choose from, as well as plenty of places to lay in the sun! The hotel even provides flamingo floats that are dying to have their photo taken!

I love the way this hotel maintains it’s vintage motel vibe while mixing in new modern trends and comforts. It was the perfect home base for my weekend stay, and i’ll definitely be back!

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Vivace @ SXSW

If there’s one festival I never want to miss, it’s SXSW in Austin, TX!

This year I had the opportunity to visit the RealSelf House of Modern Beauty pop up event for a Vivace treatment! I took my friend Naz along for the ride so we could give you all the deets of this fabulous experience.


If you guys follow me on Instagram you know how much I LOVE my microneedling! It’s my favorite way to help combat aging and keep my skin looking it’s best! I was curious to try Vivace which is the newest technology of radio frequency microneedling. The best part is there is virtually NO down time! I couldn’t believe it beforehand, but i’m here to tell you it’s true! In just 24 hours you can resume normal skincare/makeup application and go about your day (whereas with traditional microneedling it’s more like 2-3 days before you can get back into the swing of things).


If you’re wondering what the benefits of this treatment are, let me fill you in on the magic: it stimulates natural collagen production in your skin which results in contouring and tightening to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, but I also ALWAYS notice a dramatic improvement in the radiance of my skin too. It truly does wonders if you get it done semi-regularly - which for me is every 2 to 3 months - and being a non-surgical treatment, it’s SO easy and virtually pain-free. You’re in and out in under an hour!


The Vivace Experience treatment ends with a refreshing sheet mask to cool down and hydrate your skin - I even asked to take one home with me to follow up with on my own at home! I couldn’t have been happier with my experience and i’ll definitely be back for more.

To learn more about Vivace, or find a provider in your area, visit!


Huge thank you to Vivace for sponsoring this post! xx

My Denver Home X Apt2B


I’m SO excited to finally share my new little apartment in Denver, CO with you guys! For those that don’t know by now - I was really feeling like I needed a change of scenery and a new adventure to allow myself to grow, so I got a small 450 sq ft studio apartment in Denver. I have always wanted to live near the mountains, and i’m so happy I chose to give Colorado a shot! It is so beautiful and i’m having the best time making new friends and trying new things!

Let’s be real — one of the hardest things about moving is furnishing a new place. It can be really expensive, and most of the time it takes FOREVER to receive large pieces of furniture. Thankfully I came across this awesome site called Apt2B. Their products are made in the USA, and they sell direct-to-consumer so prices are super low for the incredible quality of furniture you get. They have a huge variety of different styles to choose from, so that you can decorate your place to reflect your unique taste! They also offer a 100 day return policy, which definitely eases some of the anxiety that shopping online for such a big investment such as furniture brings. The best part... it only takes about 2-3 weeks for them to build your sofa in their downtown Los Angeles factory!! OH WAIT I lied — it’s gets better: you get FREE in-home delivery with your order!


The centerpiece of any living room is always going to be the sofa. I wanted something small since I don’t have much room, but let’s be real — I watch a lot of Netflix and I needed a comfy place to camp! I love the vintage vibe this Saxon Sofa has, and the best part is it’s extra deep seat with a plush down filled cushion. I’ve had a couple of friends even crash on it already and say it makes a comfy bed!


How about this lacquer coffee table?! My mom (the interior design expert that she is) really sold me on mixing such a modern piece with the vintage style sofa. I absolutely love the way it turned out! It was really important to me that the table not cover up too much of this FABULOUS rug (thank you New England Loom) and to make this piece even more great — it’s only about $200!


These bar stools were the first thing to catch my eye on the Apt2B site. I love the mid-century modern design, but the black on black color gives them a sleek modern twist! I sit here a lot on my computer, and the high back makes it a comfy place to work from!


I wasn’t positive that i’d have room for this amazing accent chair, but I was so desperate to have it that I ordered it anyway. Thankfully, it fits perfectly in this corner and creates a really cozy little nook! I love the contrast of the metal brass and the buttery tan leather. It’s everyone’s favorite place to sit!


My apartment is super small, so I didn’t have a ton of space for side tables. Luckily this set of Live Edge Martini Tables was the perfect fit! I really love the rustic touch they add to the space!


Pro accessory tip: my favorite way to warm up a space is with cacti and succulents! They always bring a little life to any room, and they’re super low maintenance which is a huge plus for me with how much I travel. The trick is to only water them a little bit every couple of weeks!


If you’re in the mood to make some quick purchases, Apt2B is having a New Years sale and

EVERYTHING on their site is 19% off!

All photos by the incredibly talented Ashtin Paige

Combat Boots


photos by Rebecca Slaughter