Equine Couture

I'm so excited to post the very first equestrian style blog for Style Native! I hope to incorporate both equestrian brands you already know and love, as well as street wear brands and designers that you may not think to wear riding but work well for equestrian wear. Since it's off season and i'm not lucky enough to be at WEF, i'll be starting with mostly schooling attire. 

This first outfit is perfect for a cool and sunny day. I don't like to necessarily wear a collared shirt everyday, but I do like having on a mock neck or turtleneck that both looks nice and keeps me warm. These breeches by Equine Couture are affordable and comfortable for everyday riding and the dark navy color are slimming, which is always a plus in these skin tight pants. As you can see, i've about worn holes in my boots because I wear them daily, but these are custom by Eiki and they've been comfortable from day one! They're also a very affordable price point for custom boots, which is nice because I need new ones every couple of years from the effects of everyday wear. Shopping links for everything are below! xx

photos by Rachel Ashley