Winter Beauty


         Today's snowstorm has thus inspired tonight's blog post -- here are the products that SAVE my skin and hair during the Winter! I get extremely dry, especially with all of the traveling to different climates. It's SO important to keep everything hydrated! From drinking enough water daily (1 gallon of water a day is my goal!) to quenching your skin and hair of it's thirst - these are the things that will save you when the temps drop and the cold weather sets in! Shop all of the products below! xx

Klairs Vitamin Drop -- high concentrated Vitamin C serum

Vitalizing Eye Serum -- brightens + hydrates under eyes

GlyPro Renewal Cream - exfoliating + hydrating

Restorative Bio-Therapy Cream by Dr. Kay -- ultra moisturizing + anti aging night cream

Coconut + Mint Facial Mist -- Cooling Mineral Mist for face/body + even hair!

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Wash - cleans your hair without drying it out

'Don't Blow It' Hair Styler -- gives texture specifically to air-dried hair

dpHUE Oil Therapy -- an argan oil for mega shine + UV protection