Face Forward

I've been talking a lot about skincare lately, because i'm a big believer in taking care of it from a young age. I'm a complete product junkie and I love trying new things. What I love about Clinique is how simple it is. I even remember using it in middle school when my mom first showed me how to wash my face! It's an easy, 3 step regime that anyone can work into their daily routine, but the best part is that they have several different product lines for EVERY skin type.

I always have such a hard time deciding between products for 'combination' skin and 'dry' skin because I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle -- well LUCKY ME! They have a line just for that. So put your best #FaceForward and check out which of Clnique's products are best for you and your skin. It's never too late to get into a good skincare routine! I'm also a BIG fan of their 'All About Eyes' eye cream, which is super hydrating and prevents aging. Check it all out and shop the products below!