Graphing Blazer // Valley City

       I'm SO PUMPED about this new design of mine for Valley City - it's now available for purchase, the Graphing Blazer! I styled it on it's own, but it also comes in a matching pair of shorts for a coordinate. I've been so excited about this design, I love the grey + white print for Spring, and best of all the inside lining is LAVENDER! The blazer has a loose, "boyfriend" style to it - plus it's soft and non-structured for a comfortable fit. You could easily dress this up or down - like I did here with a band t-shirt and shredded black denim. I also added a dark purple matte lipstick for a grungy element to throw off the smooth, polished hairstyle. Shop the look below! xx


Blazer - ValleyCity | Shirt - vintage | Jeans - BlankNYC | Boots - Senso | Bag - Gelareh Mizrahi || photos by Amber Ulmer - glam by Jess Reed