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I've seen such a huge fan of yellow this year! I like pairing it with edgy pieces and darker colors like a combat boot and faded black jeans. I also never thought I would say this but the straight leg jean trend is making it's way back into my heart. Shop the look below! xx


Vestiaire Collective X Style Native

My new favorite tee!! Because love hurts, ya know?! ;)

I love an outfit that stands out. The bold print underneath of this t-shirt is the perfect combo! I've actually been on the hunt for this YSL t-shirt for SO LONG because it's been sold out. Lucky I just discovered a cool site called Vestiaire Collective - you can buy/sell gently used designer pieces and it is a GOLD MINE! They do a great job of verifying the authenticity of stuff before it's sent to you, which is super important when you're buying pre-owned designer items. It's where I scored this shirt, and I'm planning on getting some of my own stuff to sell soon! xx

L/S Top - Dollskill | Tee - YSL | Pants - Wildfox | Boots - Gewebe | Bag - Alexander Wang

L/S Top - Dollskill | Tee - YSL | Pants - Wildfox | Boots - Gewebe | Bag - Alexander Wang




thanks to Vestiaire Collective for sponsoring this post! 

The Fanny Pack of My Dreams

If you follow me on Instagram you already know how obsessed I have been with this fanny pack / belt bag. I haven't switched bags once since I got it! It's so practical and perfect for traveling, which I've done a lot of lately. There's only ONE LEFT in this color so get it before it's sold out! Shop the entire look below xx 



Today's blog post topic is something I'm really excited to talk about: CHANGE.

It's a word that can be scary sometimes, but in my experience it always leads to growth. That doesn't mean that change is easy, but the best things in life never, ever are.

Y'all know me well enough by now that you know I'm passionate about fashion and style reflecting who you are. Clothes, shoes, hair color, nail color - these are all opportunities to express your individuality! Ever since the first time my mom let me get highlights at 15, I've been addicted to changing my hair. I've never been the kind of person that sticks to one thing. It's too much fun to try new things! My fashion style too is definitely a direct reflection of that.

As I got older, switching up my hair style was based on the change of seasons, or even just a change in my mood! Other times it's been the result of a breakup (I went platinum blonde after the last one), or a career change.....a place of just desperately needing to feel like I can get myself out of whatever rut I've fallen into. It's really amazing what the thrill of a new look, and the confidence boost it can give you can do for you soul. 

I also like to think of my hair changes as bookmarks for different chapters of my life. We should never stay the same. We should never stay in one place. As humans, we were created to evolve and change - to keep being better! Beautiful things happen when we do.

So this is me, encouraging you to dye that hair - Do something that scares you - Move to that new city - Tell that guy or girl that you love them - And if you need a change.....MAKE a change!

All of those hair changes I just told you about? Here's an overview of just the last few years!


special thanks to Herbal Essences for sponsoring this post, and providing me with a platform to share from my heart with you guys! Check out this video for more inspiration and encouragement about CHANGES  xx

Roses Are Red

      When it's this hot outside, I'll use ANY fashion trend as an excuse to not wear pants! (LOLOL I know) With all the athleisure love still going strong, and with a nod to the Kardashians / Jenners, bike shorts are a thing and they work PERFECTLY under an oversized shirt that you want to wear as a dress without flashing the whole world when the wind blows. Backpacks and roses are everywhere right now too, and this vegan leather backpack is adorable + inexpensive. I also just discovered this super affordable eyewear line and went with a small lens style in a black frame to compliment the black bag and shorts. These boots - feel free to hate on me for wearing them ALL the time, but they were one of my few splurge pieces and after wanting a pair for years, I finally pulled the trigger when Balenciaga dropped the white ones earlier this year. Shop the exact pieces I'm wearing below! xx

Top - Topshop | Shorts - Dollskill | Bag - Dollskill | Boots - Balenciaga | Sunnies - CRAP

Top - Topshop | Shorts - Dollskill | Bag - Dollskill | Boots - Balenciaga | Sunnies - CRAP

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